Seeds we have to sow

February 8th 2012
You must work and make efforts. Do not imagine that by taking things easy you will preserve your health – quite the opposite. The life force in those who are inactive diminishes of its own accord. If you sow old seeds, they will not germinate, for there is no life left in them. You too have seeds inside of you, seeds of all kinds. Sow them, otherwise they will lose all their qualities. What are those seeds? They are all the knowledge accumulated in your loft – your head – that goes mouldy or dry from being left idle, inactive and useless. Accumulating knowledge is good but only if you sow it, that is, if you put it into practice to make it grow and bear fruit. And that can only be done by putting it to the test of life. That is the only way to progress, to grow and gain strength. Those who run away from difficulties to avoid fatigue will meet with other, worse difficulties, and they will suffer, for they are letting their very life slip away from them.