Contact with an intelligence of a higher order

January 23rd 2022
Initiatic science tells us that inspiration is simply a contact with a force, an intelligence, an entity or current of a higher order. This contact enables us to do something that we are not normally capable of doing. For example, a person wants to speak but they cannot find the right words; they are ill at ease and all they can do is stammer. But all of a sudden something – a light or a current – enters into them and they surrender themselves to it. They no longer need to search for words; the words flow from them so readily that while speaking, they listen to themselves as though it were someone else talking and no one is more astonished than they! Artists experience the same phenomenon. Where does it come from? What is this presence within them that knows where to find the necessary materials and elements and how to put them together to create different forms and expressions? Human beings themselves are not really able to produce divine works of genius, but if they know how to prepare the way by an inner work of purification and elevation, they may be visited by highly evolved souls who will inspire them.