Subtle life

At our disposal, how to grasp it

January 25th 2022
The subtle elements that exist in such profusion throughout space can all be drawn on through meditation and contemplation. They are there for the taking; there are no restrictions, no limits. Restrictions and limits exist within human beings because they are neither strong, nor pure nor intelligent. But in reality everything is there at your disposal, provided that you make the effort to reach for it. The Lord distributes everything; no one is more generous than He. Life exists everywhere: in water, in trees, in rocks and especially in the air and the sun – but men and women die because their organism has never learned to grasp the life that would nourish and vivify them. God is just and open-handed. He has never said that His riches were for some and not for others, and it is not His fault if you do nothing to acquire them. So study and practise these things, otherwise you will find that in one incarnation after another you will always remain poor and wretched while continuing to blame the Lord.