Material life

To the detriment of the divine life

January 29th 2022
Most people are so busy trying to have all the things they want for their material life that they have no time to devote to the divine life. As a result, humanity’s material conditions gradually improve, but its spiritual and moral state deteriorates. Why is there so much disease, mental illness and crime in the world? Material conditions in the West have never been easier, and yet at the same time people have never been so distraught, worried and discontented. This is because by putting too much emphasis on one dimension, the other dimension is inevitably left to deteriorate. There is no doubt that people want to improve the situation – they spend all their time in meetings discussing how this can be done. But these improvements always concern the material realm. No one ever holds a meeting to discuss how to help human beings live the divine life. And this is why, even though the material affairs of the world get better and better – supposing this to be true – human beings themselves are losing their way.