The importance of signing your name clearly

January 30th 2022
Where does this widespread habit of signing one’s name with an illegible scribble come from? Those who sign their names in this way do not even know why they do so. Well quite simply because their lower nature, which is forever hatching its shady schemes, does not want to be found out, so it induces people to camouflage themselves so that no one else can see who they are or what their name is. Do not say that a signature is an insignificant detail. On the contrary, it is very important – it represents a person. Our signature should show that we are transparent, straightforward and sincere. What is the point of scribbling your name illegibly? It is a very bad sign. In doing so, you bring down on yourselves chaotic forces that will eventually destroy you. How can people believe themselves capable of solving the problems of a family, a business or a country when they do not even know that they should sign their names clearly?