Innermost self

Soothing it with fervent prayer

January 31st 2022
Picture a family in the midst of a quarrel – the father, mother and children are all involved! What a sight and what a din! Suddenly, a good and much-respected friend shows up at the door. No one was expecting him but they immediately try to put on a good face. ‘Oh, come in! How are you? How lovely to see you. Will you have a drink?’ They even look kindly at one another so that their guest will not realize that they were in the midst of a family crisis. Surely you must have experienced this? So why not draw lessons from this for your own inner life? When tumult and strife erupt within you, you can restore order immediately by starting to pray with real fervour, and peace and joy will once again be yours. Why is this? Because when you pray, a friend comes to visit you, and in their presence, all the other inner inhabitants within you fall silent for they do not want to be rude. And if you pray even more fervently and perseveringly and beg that friend to stay, to make their home within your centre and never to go away again, then peace and light will reign within you forever.