Seemingly unjust but there is in fact justice

February 5th 2022
What prevents people from evolving is their belief that the difficulties and misfortunes they suffer are an injustice, that fate is unjust, even the Lord is unjust and that they deserve better. But how do they know that they deserve better? They do not know themselves; they do not know either their past or their present, let alone their future! So how can they give an opinion? Even when a jury convicts an innocent person (and history has seen many such ‘miscarriages of justice’), behind this injustice there is in fact justice. This has even happened to saints, initiates and great masters, some of whom were imprisoned, burned at the stake or crucified. Although seemingly unjust, in reality, their ordeals were justified and had to be accepted, either in payment of a debt, or as a way of learning certain truths which could not be learned otherwise, or as a means of becoming strong, powerful and invincible. This notion of divine injustice prevents human beings from evolving. They must now tell themselves that their trials and tribulations are fair, and then they will take a great step forward.