Spiritual master

His role is to stimulate the disciple

February 10th 2022
You would like your master to be omniscient and omnipotent, that is to say someone who is able to make your life easier and who will solve all your problems. Well, make no mistake – that is not what a master is for. A master is there to instruct you and stimulate you to make progress. And the greater the master, the more demanding his teaching will be. This is true in all domains. Do you think that the teaching of a musical or scientific genius would be within your reach? The truth is that a genius would certainly refuse to instruct you. You will say that a spiritual master is neither a musician nor a scientist and that his love, kindness and generosity extend to all creatures. Yes, that is true, but that love, kindness and generosity compel him to motivate you constantly along the path towards perfection, not to perform all kinds of miracles for you.