Spiritual work

Persevere in order to accomplish luminous work

February 12th 2022
You are standing on the seashore creating a little whirlpool as you twirl a stick round and round in the water: gradually twigs, scraps of paper and bits of cork begin to spin in the current. If you persevere, there will soon be small boats then big ships and finally the whole world will be caught up in the movement. The etheric ocean in which we are immersed is like this liquid ocean, and by means of our thoughts, we are able to set the whole world in motion – provided that we never stop. But as we do not practise, and above all, as we do not persevere, nothing happens. As long as you fail to understand the few rules on which the spiritual life is based, you cannot become a conductor for the divine world, a worker in the vineyards of the Lord. You must keep stirring until all the particles are caught up and moving together towards the accomplishment of the luminous work you have undertaken – not only on yourself but on all the creatures of the earth, and further still throughout the cosmos.