Identify with the heavenly father

February 13th 2022
Only those who identify with the spirit know that they are immortal; they are conscious of being free, luminous entities, distinct from their bodies. They come and go through space and their bodies are simply garments – and sometimes rather threadbare garments. How can we hope to understand the mysteries of the universe if we identify with our outer shells? Do drivers identify with the car they drive? They do not say, ‘I am my car.’ They know that their car is simply a vehicle that carries them from place to place. And what rider identifies with the horse on which they are astride? Jesus said, ‘My Father and I are one.’ He identified with his father, but not with just any father. When Jesus said ‘my Father’, he was speaking of the one being who is eternal and all-powerful. Why not imitate Jesus and identify with the heavenly Father, the cosmic Spirit?