Remaining young at heart

February 14th 2022
Everything in our contemporary culture contributes to making us grow old as quickly as possible. Oh, not physically, of course; on that score quantities of products and methods are invented every day to help us to keep fit, stay slim and get rid of wrinkles. But inwardly, psychologically, boys and girls age earlier and earlier. It is as though the meaning of life lay in being suspicious, calculating, sombre and blasé. An adult who is simple, spontaneous and trusting is considered to be lacking in wisdom and depth. Well, you should know that people are destroying themselves with this philosophy, which is progressively killing all their good and natural impulses. Salvation lies in remaining young at heart – with a heart that is forever vibrant, loving, interested in everything, quick to forgive and forget injuries, sorrow or mishaps, capable of taking delight in little things; with a heart that is always ready to love and embrace the whole world, never shrunken and cold. As long as your heart retains its warmth, you cannot grow old.