All-powerful on the mental plane

February 15th 2022
Imagine that you are a hypnotist and you give someone a piece of paper, saying, ‘Here is a rose. Can you smell its delicious scent?’ They will go into raptures over the exquisite fragrance of that rose. This is because they are in a hypnotic state in which thought materializes instantly, not on the physical plane, but on the mental plane. They have picked up your thought and as your thought, together with the words accompanying it, has already formed a rose on the subtle plane onto which you have succeeded in projecting their consciousness, their psychic sense of smell picks up its perfume. They really and truly smell the rose – they are not mistaken. With thought, everything is possible. Do not waste your time regretting the things you have not got – try to create them by means of thought. Do you need the beauty of flowers, the purity of a lake or the silence of a forest? You can create them instantaneously through thought. You will object, ‘But there is nothing there; I can’t feel anything!’ It may well take centuries for them to materialize, but on the mental plane they already exist and this is the reality to which you must cling.