Number 2

Turning our back on duality and returning to unity

February 16th 2022
The number 2 is the number of polarization; it is the 1 that has become positive and negative. Life is based on the existence of opposites, that is to say, on the fact that everything is polarized. This opposition is what creates movement and without it, there would be no work. In Tarot cards, the number 2 is represented by the High Priestess who holds an open book on her lap. Those who are able to decipher this mystery are able to solve the problem of evil in their own lives. Once you understand that love attracts hatred, and that light attracts darkness, you can continue your work without rebelling against the obstacles you meet along the way. Knowing that you cannot struggle against the night any more than you can struggle against the day, you will learn to draw strength from your difficulties and ordeals and in so doing transform them into constructive forces. For the problem of evil can be solved only by turning your back on duality and returning to unity, that is to say, by learning to use evil.