Distant future

Picturing a magnificent future

February 17th 2022
People often wonder what life on earth will be like in ten, fifty, a hundred years from now, but such concerns are too short-sighted and not that important. The important thing is to know that one day you will shine like the sun; that one day your presence will perfume the air around you; that one day all your cells will sing and the harmony of their song and the fragrance of your soul will be perceived by everyone wherever you go. For at least a few minutes each day, picture this distant future and suddenly, your hope and courage will be renewed. It is your faith in the magnificent future awaiting you that will make of you a new being. The word ‘new’ is on everyone’s lips: a new philosophy, a new science, a new era, a new type of human being and so on. But how can you imagine that you are becoming a new being if you are always gloomy, sombre and tense?