Take the sun as your model

February 23rd 2022
Human beings have an innate tendency to imitate others. The only question is whom do we want to imitate? Those who have achieved fame, success or fortune? People do not know whom to choose as their models, and above all, they do not know how important their choice is for their psychic life. Suppose you have a friend whom you see very often. Well, your close association will necessarily influence you; without realizing it, you will absorb something of both their strengths and their weaknesses. This is unavoidable; it is a law. So, why not make up your mind to associate with the most wonderful of all friends, the sun? If you let yourself marvel every day at its beauty, at the power and pure transparency of its light, at the life that flows from it, you will sense a gradual transformation taking place within you. Your vibrations will begin to change; you will become more luminous, warmer and more alive. If you want to be a beneficial influence for other people, you must communicate with the sun every day. In this way, you will receive some of its rays and particles and be in a position to distribute them to those around you.