Situated on the borderline between matter and the spirit

February 24th 2022
God has endowed matter with inertia and the spirit with impetus, and human beings are situated on the borderline between the two. They are wrapped in an outer coating of matter and animated inwardly by the spirit. They receive a two-fold influence: on the one hand from the spirit, which stimulates them, and on the other from matter, which tries to paralyze and engulf them. This is why human beings must always struggle, and if they are not intelligent and enlightened, they allow themselves to sink into inertia and begin to stagnate like a foul-smelling swamp crawling with bugs. This is what happens to all those who prioritize matter; with no spiritual or divine work they simply stagnate. Disciples, on the other hand, open themselves to the spirit and give it every opportunity to manifest itself; the spirit then becomes king within them and begins to harmonize, vivify and illuminate everything.