It activates our paralyzed inner forces

February 25th 2022
When you manage to achieve total inner peace for a few minutes, all the forces and entities within you that have until then not had the chance to manifest themselves are activated and ready to serve you; but as long as you live in a state of disorder and agitation, your inner forces remain paralyzed. Think of a virtuoso who has to play a piece of music, a student who has to sit an exam or an acrobat who has to walk the tightrope. If their energies are not in harmony and not concentrated on the task at hand, the virtuoso will play some false notes, the student will stammer and fail the exam, and the tightrope walker will fall and break his neck. As soon as there is strife or discord within us, our inner forces lose their grip, disperse and can no longer help us. You have experienced this kind of thing thousands of times, but have you ever paused to draw the broader conclusions that apply to the whole of life?