It always follows the head

February 28th 2022
The events that occur on earth are the consequence of events that have already occurred on the higher, subtler planes. This explains how clairvoyants can foresee the future; they see events that are already prefigured in the unseen world. It takes some time for these events to materialize on the physical plane, but they are bound to do so since they have already been recorded on high. Watch a snake moving and you will see that however long it may be, the tail always goes exactly where the head leads it. The head represents thoughts and the tail actions. The tail follows the head, and like it, the physical world is always the consequence, that is to say, the concrete materialization of something that has already happened on a subtler plane. The practical consequence of this truth is that if you have the patience to nourish your ideal for a very long time, if you persevere in your good thoughts and feelings without giving way to discouragement, your tail will be bound to follow. In other words, your actions, the way you behave, and even your instincts and your physical body will change.