Spirit and matter

The masculine and feminine principles

March 1st 2022
It is a mistake to believe, as some thinkers do, that only matter exists, that everything is material... With knowledge of the respective roles of the two principles, masculine and feminine, it is easy to understand that in reality, matter (the feminine principle) is only a vessel for the spirit (the masculine principle). If the spirit had not poured its riches into matter as a kind of reservoir, matter would have absolutely no power. Physicists would have worked in vain to split the atom; they would never have produced a nuclear reaction. Of itself, matter is inert; it is unable to express itself unless another active, dynamic principle – the spirit – manifests through it. Matter is comparable to a flask that contains and confines a quintessence: the spirit. The spirit is very volatile; it must therefore be fixed, imprisoned, and matter is in reality nothing other than a prison that keeps and holds it. Until we know about the existence of the two principles, masculine and feminine, and the way in which they work in nature, the theories we form will be flawed.