Seeing clearly what will be good for their child

March 6th 2022
When parents have given their child an order, they must insist that the child obey, otherwise the child will find that its parents have neither strength of will nor steadfastness, and this image it forms of them will hinder its development. Obviously, there are cases where such intransigence may be harmful. Let us suppose that what the child is asking for is of a spiritual nature, and that the parents prevent the child from realizing this ideal because it is too far beyond their level of understanding: if the parents remain unyielding, they can do the child a lot of harm. This is why before saying anything, a father or mother must carefully weigh the consequences of their demands and ask themselves, ‘Is what I am asking of my child something good, just and divine? Does their soul want and desire it deeply, or will it be bad for their development?’ Only after having informed themselves and having clearly seen and understood what will be good for the child, can the parents give an order, give permission, or categorically and irrevocably refuse, at which point the child must obey.