Meditate to receive the revelation of true beauty

March 7th 2022
Ever since artists have lost the habit of connecting inwardly with the divine world, they no longer produce sublime works. Study today’s paintings, sculptures, dance, music and poetry – they no longer possess that element of eternity that gives such value to the artwork of the past. This is why the true teaching will sweep all these creations, books, paintings and statues away when it comes, and they will fall into oblivion. In order for artists to be true creators, before setting to work they must go within, meditate and ask heaven for its blessings, for only heaven can bring them this light that illumines the imagination. If they do so, they will receive the revelation of true beauty as well as the ability to express and convey it. If, when truly inspired, artists can produce masterpieces, it is because everything within them works in accordance with the spiritual light they have received. They cannot produce anything immortal apart from the spirit.