Finding one’s place in order to bear fruit

March 10th 2022
When a person succeeds in finding the place where they truly belong, they are happy. Everyone knows this. Yes, but not everyone knows where their place is. ‘Place’ is a word that has many meanings: home, country, house, job, position, ideal… We often see people wandering aimlessly, without ever settling down – they have not managed to find their place, they have no roots and are unhappy. Someone has to come and place them in fertile soil where they will begin to sprout. Up to that point, they were like seeds in a loft waiting to be sown. When a seed is put in good soil, it grows and bears fruit, it says, ‘At last, I have found my place.’ This place is not the loft where it is in danger of rotting away or being nibbled at by mice. So, what everyone needs now is to be sown, to be planted.