Having universal brotherhood as the goal

March 11th 2022
As long as human beings put their personal interests ahead of those of the collectivity, there will be no solution to their problems. And when I say ‘the interest of the collectivity’, I am not referring only to the human collectivity, but to the whole universe, which they constantly want to use for their own satisfaction. Look at how they exploit animals, trees, mountains, the sea and so on. And if ever, one day, they have sufficient technical means, you will see what they will do with the sun, the moon and the other planets! Everything that exists is used as a means to a single end: the material satisfaction of humankind. So, here is what now needs to be changed: the goal and the means need to be inverted. Universal brotherhood and universal harmony should be the goal, and then all the means that we possess – all our qualities, faculties, strengths and energies – should serve that goal. It is only on this condition that humanity’s problems will be solved.