Helping others

By seeking the means to do so in the divine world

February 13th 2012
Do you want to help and support your family and friends? Then do your best to raise yourself up to the divine world, where you will receive peace and light, and then come back to share them out. What do those who are weak, poor and ignorant have to offer? Even if they put their whole heart into it, they often only make things worse. The only way we can help others and save them is to return each day to the heavenly homeland above, which we have left for a time, and there collect treasures to bring back to them. Otherwise, what kind of help will it be? You will have seen this for yourself, I am sure, that there are people to whom you prefer never to mention your concerns, because you know that on the pretext of helping you they will only complicate everything. So, if you want to avoid being one of those people others avoid confiding in so as not to attract further difficulties, first go to the divine world for light and riches, and then you will be able to allow others to benefit from them.