Prepare and protect yourself first

March 15th 2022
We sometimes meet highly sensitive, very psychic people who are in a terrible state because they have no means of defending themselves against astral entities. It is good to be sensitive to the invisible world provided that one has first exercised judgment and willpower, because in order to make contact with the invisible world, we must surrender to the influence of spirits. But there are all kinds of spirits that take advantage of defenceless human beings and deceive them, use them and steal their strength. So, a few years later, the poor souls are completely unbalanced. Before embarking on certain experiments, people must know what the risks are and be able to handle them. All genuine masters will tell you that simply being drawn to certain aspects of the occult sciences does not suffice. But the day they consider that you are ready, they themselves will allow the veil to fall and then everything you wished to see and know will become accessible to you.