Animal, instinctive nature

Standing up to it

March 16th 2022
All human beings carry their distant animal past with them: the cunning of some, the brutality, cruelty, voracity or sensuality of others, and so on. Clearly, this animal nature is powerful: it has had thousands of years to train and grow strong because it has lived in very difficult conditions. Just look at all the difficulties animals have to contend with in order to survive, find food, find shelter and retain it, as well as protect themselves from other animals. After having lived in such conditions, how can we now expect our instinctive nature to be gentle, good and merciful? But what we also need to know is that it does not represent the last stage of development. What we have to do now is to work on our psychic and spiritual qualities, so that we can stand up to all these instinctive tendencies. This is the problem we all have to resolve.