The heart and the intellect must work together

March 19th 2022
When you love someone, do you ever ask yourself how you love them? No, you say, ‘I love him, I love her.’ You certainly do love them, nobody doubts it, but ask yourself a few questions about the nature of this love. Human beings call every lust, desire, need or appetite ‘love’. The moment the feeling of love befalls them, they must give in to it. And even reasoning is forsaken and the intellect is silenced. The intellect has no say in the matter once the heart is in the throes of love. The heart says, ‘Be quiet, I am talking, love is talking, what could you possibly have to add?’ In truth, if the heart and the intellect worked together, love would manifest itself in more beautiful forms and colours. The less a person has progressed along the path of evolution, the more they succumb to the demands of love without analyzing whether it is disinterested, pure or useful. From the moment they love, there is no room for thinking; this is why there are so many novels, plays and movies telling the all-too-often disastrous stories of people who are in love!