Kingdom of god

Take part in its advent on earth

March 25th 2022
Jesus said, ‘My Father is working and I also am working with Him.’ But should Jesus be the only one who works with his heavenly Father? No. You too can take part in this work so that the kingdom of God may come on earth. It should not matter to you whether the advent of the kingdom of God is near or a long way off. What should matter is that from the moment you participate in this gigantic, noble, divine work, and put all your strength and energy into it, you are coming closer to the Deity. It is very important to know the goal towards which you are working, and where you are spending your energy. People who take part in dishonest activities unknowingly become impregnated with the impurities they stir up, and end up destroying themselves in the process. Whereas people who take part in a grandiose, celestial endeavour add particles of light to their subtle bodies every day. By working for the kingdom of God, they begin to establish it within themselves.