Do not be gullible

March 26th 2022
Increasingly, we see people who believe they are capable of taking on the role of a spiritual master simply because they have read a few esoteric books. And others, who are naive, follow them blindly instead of observing them for a while to see what they are truly like, how they conduct themselves. They do not ask themselves where these people come from, how they have lived their lives before, who their master was, who sent them, and so on. Oh, no, there is no point in asking such questions. All it takes is for someone to put on a bit of an act and tell them that they will be initiated within three days – for a large sum of money of course – and they believe them. They are in a hurry, you see, the initiation must not take longer than three days, which is why the first charlatan or crook who comes along to take advantage of their gullibility is welcomed with open arms – he will give them initiation! Well, they should not complain afterwards that they were duped!