Character and temperament

You can change the former but not the latter

March 27th 2022
You can change your character but not your temperament. The temperament you are born with stems from your past lives: in the past, by way of your thoughts, feelings and actions, you linked yourself with certain forces that now determine your subconscious, that is to say, your temperament. And there is very little you can change about it, just as you cannot change your skeletal system or your muscular system. You cannot widen your skull, nor lengthen your nose, nor correct a receding chin. These elements also make up one’s temperament, and even though everything in nature is transformed or can be modified by the omnipotence of thought and willpower, these changes are so slow and imperceptible that they can be said to be non-existent. Your character, however, is up to you: through your efforts and your spiritual direction, you can change it, improve it, shape it, and that is precisely the work of all those in an initiatic teaching.