Occult sciences

The danger of selfish desires

March 30th 2022
The occult sciences present people with all kinds of methods to fulfil their wishes and desires, but they fail to explain what will happen if these desires are too personal and selfish, if they transgress the laws of nature, if they go against the divine order. All they say is, ‘Do this, do that’ and those who do often break their necks. This is why these methods are beneficial and valid only if your desires are divine, if they are not just good for you but for the whole world too. For you need to know that all wishes and desires come about, and therein lies the danger. You will say that you do not see the danger. But that is the point, who is to say that if your wishes come true you will not suffer because you were not able to foresee the complications that will ensue? If you have not studied the relationship that exists between your desires and the laws of nature and of life, and have not asked yourselves what will happen once these desires are realized, you are running the risk of great disillusionment.