Like the sun, a true master must remain at the centre

April 1st 2022
Why do order and harmony reign in the universe? Quite simply because the sun is always there, at the centre, where it remains. The planets that orbit around it would love to attract it in order to caress and embrace it and speak to it lovingly. But the sun refuses to be seduced. It says, ‘No, no, I must stay where I am otherwise the order of the entire cosmos would be disrupted. I must remain at the centre and you must orbit around me. Only on this condition can I continue to send my light, warmth and life to the whole universe.’ Like the sun, a true master must remain at the centre: he must never leave his place for the sake of one disciple who wants to attract him and make him abandon all the others. For the role of a master is to give his thoughts, feelings, knowledge and even his life to his disciples, but he must do so by remaining at the centre, like the sun. We must learn to read the book of living nature.