Forget about what you are lacking and think about your wealth

April 9th 2022
Forget about all the things you are lacking. You have the power to embrace the whole universe by means of thought, and to commune with all the luminous entities in it – how can you still feel lonely, deprived or humiliated? What more do you need to understand that you are rich, that you have everything and that you are able to help others? Learn to be generous, share your riches with others, even your material riches if you can. Otherwise, you will always go in fear and trembling of losing them and you will end up forgetting that there are others whose need and distress are real. Go on, give some of it away! You will no longer be afraid of being robbed and, at the same time, your gesture will be recorded in heaven, and one day it will be returned to you a hundredfold.