Aquarius directs human beings towards the divine world

April 10th 2022
Human beings as we know them today are the result of a long process of evolution. It has taken millions of years for their spirit to take possession of their physical body and animate all their cells, gradually making of them beings capable of thought, feeling and action. But while learning to manifest themselves more and more on the physical plane, they lost touch with the divine world and forgot it so completely that today they deny its very existence. Of course, Cosmic Intelligence always intended that people should learn to work on the material plane, but having done so to the detriment of the spiritual aspect, they must now learn to restore their links with the divine world. Besides, with the coming of the Aquarian Age, new influences are appearing in the world that are moving in this direction. On the one hand, technology and material progress are indeed becoming more and more important, but on the other hand, there are signs that human beings are beginning to move, albeit clumsily, towards initiatic science, for they feel the need to renew contact with the invisible world, which was their original homeland.