Public opinion

And the opinion of heaven

April 21st 2022
Human beings tremble in the face of other people’s opinions... What will their family, friends and neighbours think if they decide to change their old way of life and embrace the spiritual life? They forget that they were sent to earth by other beings above them and that these beings watch over them and assess their behaviour. Those who attach such great importance to public opinion that they neglect the opinion of heaven prove that they have not understood what is essential in life. Of course, it may happen that in their desire to devote themselves to the service of good and light, a person may be met with very negative reactions. Family and friends will perhaps be annoyed if you discount their views and choose to seek the approval of the sublime entities who watch over humanity. But sooner or later, they will be obliged to give in and recognize that in spite of appearances you were right to choose the path of light.