Humanity still needs to suffer in order to understand

April 24th 2022
If you speak to people about a policy inspired by generosity and disinterestedness, very few will support you. But speak to them about conquering others in order to seize their position or their riches, and the crowds will back you. This is why – forgive me for saying this – human beings still need to suffer; there is no other explanation. One day, because of that suffering, they will perhaps understand what they should be seeking. You will say that I am cruel… No, it saddens me to say so, but human beings need to suffer in order to understand. The proof is that when an envoy from heaven comes to help and enlighten them, do they listen to him? No, and not only do they refuse to listen to him, but they throw him in prison or burn or crucify him. But when a monster comes who will make them suffer, they welcome him with open arms, acclaim him and put him in power. They themselves give him every means to destroy them. So you see that human beings still need to suffer in order to finally understand to whom they must listen and whom they should follow.