Cut the bad ones and strengthen the good ones

April 25th 2022
Many of your troubles and torments stem from the visible and invisible ties that you have contracted. Yes, this is a question that you need to reflect on: the nature of the bonds you have forged in this life or in a past life. All the explanations for your present state lie there. When you want to boil water in an electric kettle or use an electric fan, you plug it in – in other words, you create a link – and your kettle or your fan starts to work. If you switch off the power, everything stops. Everybody does this and everybody understands it, but how many ever interpret the meaning of this phenomenon in life? Every day, consciously or unconsciously, you are in constant contact with other human beings, with invisible entities, with nature and the whole universe, and the question of these links is fundamental. This is why it is important for you to examine the ties that already bind you to creatures of every kind and see which are good and should be maintained or even strengthened, and which are bad and should be cut, and examine the new bonds you need to form with other creatures.