Offers protection if we know how to breathe life into it

April 28th 2022
Five is the number of the Sephira Geburah which cabbalists associate with the planet Mars. Geburah represents combative energy, the protective force that repels enemies. This is why a magus often places a pentagram – a five-pointed star – at the entrance to their house with the two-fold purpose of keeping out demonic spirits and preventing luminous spirits from leaving. Obviously, even if you put a pentagram over your door, you will not necessarily be protected. The symbol is truly effective only if you work to become a pentagram inwardly. The pentagram is, as it were, the skeleton of an astral spirit, and you have to breathe life into it so that, like a faithful watchdog, it will defend your home against evil entities. But you can do so only by your own life – a life of honesty and integrity in the service of light.