Initiatic knowledge helps you to deal with the trials of life

May 1st 2022
The world of today values knowledge above all else, but what kind of knowledge? Most of the knowledge people seek to acquire is used to help them either to earn a living or to shine in the company of others. It is of no use to them in dealing with the trials, sorrows and disappointments of life. Initiatic knowledge, on the other hand, may not help you to find a job or impress your audience, but it will help you in all the different circumstances of your inner life. The advantages of this knowledge are not always understood at first glance, because its effects go deep and are felt only gradually. You will not immediately see any spectacular results; in fact, even if you succeed in achieving a few victories, it is quite possible that no one else will have any idea that you live in such an inner world of peace, light and beauty. But little by little, human beings will come to realize that the ever-growing body of knowledge that is available to them does not bring them what truly matters, and they will turn to initiatic knowledge. Initiatic knowledge concerns humans themselves: it gives each one of us the means with which to work on our own matter so as to be in control whatever the situation.