We become like flowers beneath its rays

May 2nd 2022
The sun looks down at the little seeds and says, ‘Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start giving. Go on now, get to work!’ And the seeds reply, ‘But we are too small and weak.’ ‘No, no’, says the sun, ‘Try! You’ll see. I will help you.’ So all the little seeds take heart. The sun warms them and talks to them every day and before long, poets, musicians and painters rejoice and are inspired by the appearance of magnificent flowers. Well now, is it so difficult to understand that the same thing can happen with us humans? We too are seeds planted in a divine soil, and with the help of the sun’s rays, we can produce such marvellous colours and perfumes that even divinities will be ecstatic. What is a flower after all? It cannot sing, or dance or play the violin, and yet even singers, dancers and musicians are in ecstasy at its beauty. And if we learn to be like flowers, why wouldn’t the divinities that are so far above us come and exclaim in delight? ‘Oh, what a lovely flower!’ Then they will care for us and help us to be even purer and more luminous.