Claiming inner victories every day

May 3rd 2022
What kind of people command our respect and admiration? Those who have struggled and surpassed themselves, who have triumphed over all obstacles and trials. Why for instance do people – particularly young people – admire athletes so much? Because they are continually striving to outdo themselves. Even if it is only a matter of running, jumping, swimming or climbing, endurance, courage and a willingness to exert oneself are always considered admirable qualities. So, wouldn’t it be worth trying to manifest these same qualities in your everyday lives? It is all very well to focus all your efforts on wanting to run farther, swim faster, jump higher or catch and kick a ball better, but it is far more worthwhile to tell yourself, ‘I will be more patient when things are difficult; I will rise above my sadness and sorrow; I will learn to control myself better!’ Yes, you can achieve feats and claim victories in this area too. Why not try it?