Communism and capitalism

Both are necessary

May 5th 2022
The question of communism and capitalism has continued to plague the minds of economists and politicians for more than a century. But for a true psychologist, communism and capitalism are not conflicting ideologies; they are two complementary and indispensable tendencies in human beings. You have to be a capitalist to be a good communist, and this is why. Every human being possesses great capital – their life – and they also own the ‘means of production’: their eyes, ears, brain, heart, lungs, arms and legs, and so on. They exercise, nurture and maintain all these means of production, taking care of them and improving them for their own benefit – they are ‘capitalists’. But once their capital begins to yield a profit, if they organize and manage their production well, they can then share their products with others. They give, enliven, enlighten and warm – they become ‘communists’! You cannot be a communist if you do not first know how to be a capitalist and make your capital grow otherwise you will have nothing to share with others. And neither can you can be a good capitalist if you do not share your wealth, because in that case it will stagnate and rot. Communism and capitalism go hand in hand and both are absolutely necessary to make the world run smoothly.