Everyone can be different but on an ascending scale

May 8th 2022
There are so many wretched people everywhere; agitated, inarticulate creatures who have replaced the light with fanciful, convoluted ideologies in which even they are lost. Yes, thirty people with fifty different philosophies! The world is becoming increasingly like a hospital in which everyone has a different complaint. Even if it is simply the air, light, heat or food, what is good for some is bad for others and vice versa. Take any family: each member is different and determined to affirm their differences. It is normal to be different, but why persist in defending the things that make you different when they are weaknesses or vices? Even in their illness, people feel the need to be different: some have typhus, others cholera, others the flu and so on (metaphorically speaking). And as for all the different fevers that are going around – the whole family is feverish, but each differently, each in their own way. It is quite all right for everyone to be different, but at least let it be on an ascending scale!