Protecting yourself by being vigilant

May 12th 2022
The Gospels say, ‘Watch and pray, for the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour’. You are followers of a spiritual teaching that reveals all the greatest truths to you but as soon as you get back to your everyday lives, you forget everything and at the first opportunity, as you are not watchful, the devil takes a bite out of you. Demons are not that big or scary; if they were, it would be easier to see them and defend ourselves, or even to attack them. No, more often than not they are very small and can easily hide themselves. They are like germs – we are not on our guard against them because we cannot see them and so they wreak havoc on the whole of humanity. From now on, we must make use of our ‘microscopes’ otherwise the demons will be there every day lying in wait. One careless step, one momentary lapse of attention and you end up with a few broken ribs (symbolically speaking)! Human beings picture the devil with horns, claws and hooves. The truth is far worse than that: the devils we have to guard against are heedlessness, negligence, and inattention.