Thanks to which human beings are alive

May 13th 2022
Cosmic Intelligence has decreed that every organ in our body – the stomach, heart, lungs and so on – must work unselfishly for the good of our whole being. How can we fail to see that it is thanks to this disinterestedness that human beings are alive and in good health? If initiates insist so much on this quality, it is because they understand that we receive a thousand times more from disinterestedness than from selfishness. Some people believe that they stand to gain from their selfishness; the truth is that they are simply introducing sickness into themselves. Human beings are always trying to get the upper hand over their neighbours, to dominate or supplant them, and they even pride themselves on this attitude. This proves that they have not understood the lesson their own bodies give them every day: that such an attitude will in fact lead to disaster for it sows the seeds of destruction within them. You will say, ‘Yes, but a life of self-denial and sacrifice is impossible, we’ll die.’ No, on the contrary, it is then that you establish health, harmony, resurrection and eternal life within you.