Exercise the ones you already have

May 15th 2022
Even if you had great talents and skills in a previous incarnation, they will not manifest themselves in your present incarnation if you do not exercise them. People sometimes find quite late in life that they have an unsuspected gift for a particular activity; they are astonished and regret not having discovered it sooner. This means that you should explore a wide variety of activities. If you have no success in a given field, you can give it up, but at least you need never regret not having tried. It is always good to try your hand at something for which you have no special aptitude but you should not insist if you really are no good at it. It is better to exercise the talents you already have than to struggle in vain to develop new ones. You must learn where to invest your energies. So, work in areas in which you are already strong; perfect the qualities and talents you already possess and try to acquire new ones only in whatever spare time you have left.