Do not count on their stability

May 16th 2022
You often complain that you cannot count on others. You seem to think that wherever you go and whatever you do, people are going to stay put and that at any given time, you will find them available and in the same frame of mind as when you last saw them. But everything moves, everything changes and is transformed. So by all means, meet other people, socialize with them and do business with them, but do not count on them always being the same, for then you will be deluding yourself. You will only be unhappy when you see that things do not turn out as you had expected and hoped; that nothing happens the way you want it to. ‘So what should we do?’ you ask. Work on yourself so as to be more fully developed, stronger and more enlightened. This is the only sure way of being able to cope with whatever comes. How wonderful if God gives you a few faithful friends, thank Him for it. But if you rely only on others and neglect the living spark within to go chasing after shadows and illusions, you will be preparing terrible suffering for yourself, if not now then later on, for everything changes.