Leading young people astray

May 19th 2022
Very few adults ever wonder whether the options they propose to young people will really be good for them, that is, whether they will help them to become clear-sighted, balanced and strong. Most adults are on the lookout for things that will tempt young people, whose instincts and appetites are awakening, and they are eager to satisfy their every whim. It begins with toys and continues later with all kinds of useless or even harmful gadgets and activities, which teenagers would never even think of wanting if they did not see them advertised or on display in every shop window. Well, these individuals are guilty of leading young people astray. First of all, they create a need for material things that the young cannot afford, and this leads to a feeling of frustration and sometimes to the use of dishonest means to get what cannot be obtained honestly. Secondly, by trying to convince them that these things are indispensable to their well-being and fulfilment, they turn them away from a true quest for happiness and the meaning of life.