The tail always follows the head

May 20th 2022
When a snake wants to pass through a narrow hole it puts its head through first and then, however long its body may be, its tail is obliged to follow for the tail always follows the head. You may not see anything extraordinary in this, but this image symbolizes the whole of divine pedagogy. The head represents our ability to reflect and reason and to decide on the direction we want to take, and the rest of the body represents our actions, which necessarily follow the lead of the head. You will say, ‘But that is not how it works for me. I have often decided to overcome my laziness or my sensuality, to be kind and fair and generous, but all my good resolutions come to nothing!’ Of course, you will not be transformed overnight, but if you keep those resolutions firmly in mind then, just as the tail always follows the head, you will eventually do what you set out to do. Those who persevere, who hold on to the right attitude if only in their minds, end by overcoming every obstacle and following the lead of the spirit.