Finding it by forming a bond with the creator

May 22nd 2022
Those who want to discover the truth must begin by acknowledging the existence of the Creator. And if they want to benefit from God’s life, light, love and strength, they must form a bond with Him and make contact with each of these qualities of which He alone is the true source. The mere thought of the Creator’s existence can have a beneficial effect on them. God cannot be described nor explained nor even conceived of in our mind, and yet those who sincerely want to find Him and who work to cultivate the virtues in order to draw closer to Him will gradually feel His presence within them in the form of peace, light, love and strength. Then nothing evil can ever hurt them again. Yes, and this is the first thing you have to understand: that you will never find God outside yourself. You can find him only within yourself as a presence that vivifies and illuminates the whole of your inner being